Nursing and Healthcare Term Paper Topic Ideas

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Nursing and Healthcare Term Paper Topic Ideas. 

  • Alternative Therapies

This paper analyzes several articles investigating alternative therapies, including therapeutic touch, considering what sort of evidence is offered and what sort is needed, specifically examining a study in which the subjects were hospitalized cardiovascular patients, a study that was a double blind study done with a control intervention and suggesting that therapeutic touch might have some validity.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease.

This paper will discuss Alzheimer’s disease, and seek to review  articles on the subject. Along with this review, we can learn how these medical and psychosocial articles can be applied to rehabilitation.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Its Causes, Its Effects, and What’s Being Done.

This paper is a broad overview of Alzheimer’s disease. A discussion of the hallmarks and symptoms of the disease begins the paper. The causes of Alzheimer’s are then examined, including a summary of the characteristics of people who are likely to get it. Current treatment options are touched upon, including a list of available medications. Finally, a summary of ongoing research in the field is included.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Not Just Loss of Memory.

This is a paper discussing Alzheimer’s disease, discussing the history, symptoms, diagnosis and hopes for a cure of the disease.



  • Amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is a delay in or a failure to start menstruation in females who have never had a menstrual period in their lives. This paper looks at this condition and answers what it is, who can get it, what are the causes, and how to prevent it.


  • American Healthcare Insurance

The assignment requested a presentation of the status of America’s healthcare system with respect to insurance companies. Information is also presented with respect to other forms of health insurance for America’s citizenry.

  • Americas Youth Are At Risk

“Every 34 seconds a person in the United States dies from heart attack” ( 1). The statistics on heart attack in the United States shows that America is at risk due to heart attacks. It is not only America’s senior citizens that are at risk. “Many U.S. teenagers already have arteries clogged so badly they could suffer heart attacks, and 20 percent of men under the age of 34 do” (Fox 1). America’s youth is at risk of having heart attacks, the problem has generated due to lack of exercise and proper nutrition; however, the preventive medicine can be found in changing life styles.

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